I succumbed to the joys of adult learning with my posts this week…and by that, I mean that life was crazy and, by necessity, took precedence this week. Given that fact, I wasn’t able to build the actual interaction with my peers that I’ve come to enjoy over the course of the semester. That said, I was able to learn from and comment on several peer blogs.

I related to both Mariah’s use of Google Forms and Gerald’s use of formative assessment. I’ve found the Google suite to be a great tool that I am able to embed in Blackboard to mimic face-to-face peer interaction in my online course. I also told Gerald that I have discovered a preference for frequent formative assessment – I like that it’s low key and allows your students to continually demonstrate what they are learning (or allows you to modify as necessary).

Chelsea mentioned her use of pre- and post-tests and I asked her how she implements them; I’m curious as I am debating using one for my research. Finally, I told Jule that I’m jealous of her ability to use Exit Tickets (I love them and they’re not really practical in an online course) and asked her a few questions about Kahoot. We use it in my school for a fun way to review content, but I’m curious if it’s able to be used to track student performance like some of other clicker software allows.

For my personal reflection, I’m finding it somewhat frustrating knowing my data and evidence will be more limited than that of my peers. I talked about this in my weekly blog, so I’m not sure there’s a need to readdress the issue in detail, however, I do think it’s a bit more challenging to document interactions when the course is already established and you don’t see your students daily.